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This effort started in earnest on January 2nd, 2013.

My current physical condition:

  • 5’11.5″  (nobody’s taking that .5 from me)
  • 190 lbs.
  • General health: Fair
  • Strength: Moderate to good
  • Stamina: Poor

The Important Stuff:

  • Vertical leap: ?
  • Jumping ability: Very bad

I’ve started doing some basic jumping exercises (jumprope and boxjumps), but haven’t yet found a good way of testing my vertical leap on my own.  I hope to get that taken care of in the next few days.  Also, I intend to use this space to share my discovery of other jumping-related exercises.

Outside of that…

Thanks so much to my awesome sister Elissa for helping turn around my case of the Monday’s.  She hooked me up with this sweet haircut and put me in a better mood after a tough day at work.  Off day of training


credit: Lis

Tonight: Find my f’ing wallet and then relax and watch the premier of season 3 – Downton Abbey

Tomorrow: Regular workday.  Strength training in the evening.


Growing up I spent quite a few winter afternoons shooting hoops in the driveway.  I wasn’t any good but I did enjoy it.   My focus on technique would come and go but with consistent practice over a few weeks, slowly my shooting percentage would improve.  When better weather arrived I moved on to the sports I enjoyed more, but there were a few weeks every year that I spent focused on basketball.

What I loved the most with hoops was skill development.  With repeated effort, I could make serious improvements on skills like free-throws, dribbling with the offhand, layups with both hands.  I would do a lot of lay-ups.  But never, was I able to perform the ultimate finish – the dunk.

And I haven’t made a genuine effort to try ever since.  But I haven’t stopped thinking how cool it would be to do that.

This is my goal: to be able to slam dunk a basketball.

And I’m starting this blog for some public accountability – HA!

I plan to take this pursuit seriously. At least as seriously as I am capable.   I’m getting trained by one of the best trainers in the world, with a special focus on goal-setting that has positively impacted every area of my life.  So this blog will chronicle my pursuit to slam, but will also cover other activities that I’m involved in so that friends, family and strangers can see what I’m up to.   Cheers!